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Knobl Joins International Accelerator

The International Accelerator is pleased to welcome Knobl to Austin, TX as the company joins our 12-month acceleration program.


Knobl is a social media home for philanthropy, that integrates the power of social networks, crowdfunding, third party apps, and wearable tech under one roof.

Built with a focus on the social network aesthetic, the app allows users to view friends', contacts', NGOs' and companies' history of philanthropic activities, build their own profiles, and donate monetary amounts directly. Additionally, Knobl can turn third-party apps or wearables like Apple’s Health Kit and Spotify into robust crowdfunding tools centered around the charity of the users’ choosing. By syncing with tracking apps and service providers, Knobl’s innovative API integration turns everyday activities like walking, playing video games, or listening to music into opportunities to raise money and awareness.

Integrations so far include Apple Health (steps taken, distance swam, exercise minutes, etc.), Spotify (hours listened, artist variety), Tesla (miles driven, fuel savings, time spent in your car), and Fortnite (matches played, matches won, kills). The team is working on adding many more integrations in the near future, aiming to enable users to have a personal connection with charitable organizations and participate in philanthropic activities in never before seen ways.

“Our generation created social networks, and we wanted to build one that actually has a positive impact on our society,” says co-founder and CCO Maurizio Hernandez. He and his brother, Mario Hernandez (co-founder & CEO) started working on Knobl in 2021, and cannot wait to roll out their business. For more than a decade the two have worked successfully together as serial entrepreneurs, previously launching and exiting from two companies in Latin America.

The Knobl app is launching on the Apple Store in just a few weeks, and the company is actively raising $1 million at a $3.5 million valuation through a SAFE instrument, to further develop the app and expand in the US market.

Visit for more information.


About the International Accelerator

Founded in 2014 by Angelos Angelou, the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas works exclusively with foreign-born founders, creators, and entrepreneurs to help them launch their companies in the United States. Our 12-month program offers foreign-born entrepreneurs the opportunity to live, work and develop their concept in the United States. International Accelerator, since inception, has helped entrepreneurs from over 13 countries raise an estimated $143M, with a total portfolio valuation of $530M.

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