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Knobl Launch Party at the International House by IA

On March 11th, the International House by IA was buzzing with excitement as the Knobl launch party kicked off. Co-founders and brothers Mario and Maurizio Hernandez, presented their innovative app to a large and excited audience.

Knobl integrates the power of social networks, crowdfunding, third party apps and wearable tech under one philanthropic roof. By syncing with tracking apps and service providers, Knobl’s innovative API integration turns everyday activities into opportunities to raise money and awareness. Whether it's running a marathon, listening to music, or playing your favorite video game, Knobl turns passive philanthropy into an active and exciting experience.

Integrations so far include Apple Health (steps taken, distance swam, exercise minutes, etc.), Spotify (hours listened), Tesla (miles driven, fuel savings, time spent in your car), and Fortnite (matches played, matches won, kills). The team is working on adding many more integrations in the near future, aiming to enable users to have a personal connection with charitable organizations of their choosing and participate in philanthropic activities in never before seen ways.

The launch party featured Fortnite stations, treadmills and a vibing music atmosphere. Participants were invited to play Fortnite and donate their in-game kills to charity, as well as join an exclusive campaign on Knobl and have a chance at winning a $500 cash prize by walking the most miles during SXSW.

The founders were also happy to announce their recent partnership with Benevity, which offers access to more than 2 million charity organizations in the US. Partnering with Benevity allows Knobl users to choose from a large pool of non-profits and support their campaigns.

Learn more about Knobl by visiting their website

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