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Ksenia Solomatina, Founder of PowerTechs, Joins International Accelerator

Austin, Texas - We are thrilled to announce the acceptance of Ksenia Solomatina, Founder of PowerTechs (Techstars ‘22) into our 12-month, on-site program. PowerTechs, an innovative online platform dedicated to upskilling workers in the renewable energy sector, aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.


PowerTechs addresses the critical skills shortage faced by energy companies and community colleges by swiftly identifying the transferable skills of workers and students, regardless of their credentials, using a simulator-based adaptive skills assessment. This assessment accurately measures practical skills, safety compliance, communication abilities, and work attitudes. Based on the assessment, PowerTechs provides targeted recommendations to bridge any skill gaps.

"We are thrilled to welcome Ksenia to our program," said Parke Benjamin, COO at International Accelerator. "PowerTechs’ innovative approach to upskilling workers in the renewable energy sector perfectly aligns with our mission to support startups driving positive change. By bridging the gap between energy companies and educational institutions, PowerTechs is accelerating the deployment of renewable infrastructure and contributing to a more sustainable energy future."

PowerTechs' solution holds tremendous potential as it focuses on the sustainable energy market, where the lack of skilled workers combined with an exponentially growing demand poses a bottleneck for renewable infrastructure development. With the demand for renewable energy continuing to rise, this challenge is only expected to intensify.

Ksenia Solomatina, Founder

Founded by Ksenia Solomatina, an accomplished entrepreneur with experience in workforce recruitment and assessment, PowerTechs brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the table. Ksenia is a graduate of the Sorbonne and has previously achieved a successful exit in the workforce recruitment space.

As part of the International Accelerator program, PowerTechs will benefit from access to a wide network of mentors, industry experts, and personalized guidance in areas such as business strategy, market expansion, fundraising, and investor relations, allowing them to scale their operations and maximize their impact.

"We are excited to join forces with International Accelerator and be part of their program. The comprehensive support and resources offered by International Accelerator will play a vital role in propelling PowerTechs towards our vision of creating a skilled and capable workforce for the renewable energy sector", said Ksenia Solomatina, Founder of PowerTechs

About the International Accelerator

Founded in 2014 by Angelos Angelou, the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas works exclusively with foreign-born founders, creators, and entrepreneurs to help them launch their companies in the United States. Our 12-month program offers foreign-born entrepreneurs the opportunity to live, work and develop their concept in the United States. International Accelerator, since inception, has helped entrepreneurs from over 13 countries raise an estimated $143M, with a total portfolio valuation of $530M.

For more information about PowerTechs visit or contact Ksenia Solomatina at

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