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VertikalX Launch Party at the International House by IA

Founder and CEO Charlie Sarmiento took the stage at the International House by IA on March 14th and presented the vision behind VertikalX, a platform designed to empower underserved athletes by connecting them with investors and brands who share their passion and want to support their athletic pursuits.

Through its proprietary Vertikal Score, VertikalX ranks athletes by taking into account four key components: education, social impact, athletic performance in games, and training performance data. By leveraging this score, Vertikal X is able to identify promising athletes who might otherwise be overlooked and provide them with the funding and resources they need to succeed, while also helping scouters and sponsors find the right talent based on continuous, certified metrics.

At the launch party, guests had the opportunity to meet the founder in person and learn more about the platform. A representative from Vald Performance was also present to share their perspective on the platform and the impact it could have on the athletic community. Attendees were encouraged to participate in a “Vertikal Jump” using Vald’s equipment, which provides real-time biofeedback and measurements, to see firsthand how the platform collects data.

By connecting underserved athletes with the resources they need to succeed, Vertikal X hopes to level the playing field by creating a more equitable and inclusive athletic community based on merit, and invites athletes, coaches, sponsors and scouts to join the VTX community.

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