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About our program

Our year-long program gives startups 12 months of free accommodation in Austin, Texas while they develop their ideas, validate the markets they're exploring and obtain seed funding.

Additionally, we provide them with free office space, visa and relocation support, free incorporation in the states of Delaware and Texas, business development plans, introductions to investors, and access to a network of mentors and experts that can help them navigate the challenges of starting a business in the United States.

We serve our portfolio companies as another cofounder. Our 360 approach can be the difference needed for startups to grow into successful companies. View a list of our offerings here.

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  • Step 1
    Staff selects from shortlist of applicants.


  • Step 2
    Startups sign IA termsheet.


  • Step 3
    IA team conducts thorough due diligence


  • Step 4
    Mentors and other advisors help review

  • Step 5
    IA's Investment Committee makes final decision

  • Step 6
    Formal agreement and stock purchase agreement are signed

  • Step 7
    Incorporation in Delaware or Texas

  • Step 8
    Start planning relocation and launch in the U.S.

We have a high volume of applicants so please expect to hear from us up to 2-3 weeks after submission.

  • A Viable MVP
    Startups must have at least an MVP with some early market validation or traction



  • A Unique Product
    A unique product addressing a specific, unfulfilled need in a large and growing U.S. market



  • An Amazing Team 
    A confident and coachable management team with a high level of business and technical knowledge of the product and its market

  • A Business Model
    A business model with an accelerated monetization strategy


  • A Foreign-Born Founder
    A founding team with at least one foreign-born employee committed to moving to Austin, TX


  • Provide A Solution
    Startups must address solving a significant pain point in the market

Program Offerings
  • Introductions to investors
    Angel investors, venture capital firms and family offices, other access to capital, including non-dilutive (with the goal to raise up to $500k)

  • Potential funding of $25K - $100K
    in a SAFE via direct investment from IA founder, Angelos Angelou

  • Free housing
    One bedroom per startup in a co-living space for up to 6 months 

  • Business development assistance
    At least 30+ introductions and strategic meetings with mentors, experts and potential clients

  • Free C-Corp incorporation
    Free incorporation in the states of Delaware and Texas with registration as a Foreign Entity in Texas

  • Free office space
    1 to 3 seats, with free parking 

  • Immigration services
    VISA support and guidance, with discounted rates, to cover everything needed for relocation

  • IA team guidance and support
    Bi-weekly meetings including the entire IA team to work with the founder helping them meet their needs

  • Our network of mentors and industry experts
    Personalized introductions to mentors and potential board advisors for longer-term support

  • Legal assistance
    Our lawyer can help with local, state, and federal government forms

  • Marketing services
    We help revamp your marketing material, redesign your Pitch Deck, and provide a free audit for your company's online presence 

  • International business alliances 
    Introductions to international business alliances, entrepreneurship competitions, and invitations to international conferences. E.g.: SXSW, Southwest Impact Angel Network, US China Innovation Alliance

  • Growing your team
    We consult with startups and help their teams grow by assisting with job postings, interviewing and hiring 

  • Partner perks and credits
    Cloud services and ad credits

Founders' Testimonials

Lefteris - CEO

Lefteris Ntouanoglou

Founder & CEO,

  • Schoox

"The support we got from the International Accelerator was key for our success.
It helped us build a network of important connections in the US and raise our first round of capital. But most importantly, it helped us understand better the US market which was essential when we started building our business in the strongest but also the most competitive market in the world. Without their support, we would have not achieved as much as we did in such a short time. It all started with them."

Alexander Khuda.jpg

Alexander Khuda

CEO of

  • Restream

"At Restream, we found that a strong network can help turn a great product into a successful business. As we gained experience over time, and with the help of our investors and mentors, the International Accelerator (IA) among them, we learned to communicate effectively with the local business community and build such a network. The IA was particularly helpful with contacts in Austin, Texas. Also, on a personal level, the IA founder and his family (Angelos, Esther, Nick, George) were kind, warm, and generous hosts."

Ruben Arias.png

Ruben Arias

Co-founder & CEO,

  • Beereaders

"The International Accelerator has been the third co-founder BeeReaders needed since day one. I never before had a business partner so committed and genuinely enthusiastic
to get involved."


Andrei Stefan

Co-founder & CEO,


"At Oveit, we consider Angelos and his entire team at the International Accelerator our overseas family. Aside from the business work that has been put into perspective at IA, there is also the personal commitment that we believe is priceless."