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Influcracy Joins International Accelerator

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The International Accelerator is pleased to welcome Influcracy Inc. to Austin, TX as the company joins our 12-month acceleration program.


Founded in 2021 by Vinay Sawant (Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA)) and Dhruv Pawar (MBA, Mumbai University), Influcracy connects influencers and content creators with brands for their digital marketing needs. To this day, 92,000+ social media influencers have signed up on the platform with a cumulative following of 540 million, coming from more than 173 countries, including the US.

The two co-founders have extensive experience in the digital marketing space, with Vinay Sawant co-owning and managing two social media channels - FoodRush on Instagram, with 500K+ Followers, and DIY Ocean on YouTube, with 1M+ Subscribers. They started developing the Influcracy platform as a way to help the content creators they were already working with connect with businesses and brands and grow their following.

For brands, Influcracy can assist in the identification of the right influencer based on location, gender, age, and style, along with pre-and-post campaign reports that ensure fair and dynamic pricing for both parties. A review system is also in place for all registered influencers, and payment processing is possible through the platform. In addition, brands can perform hashtag analysis and audience micro-targeting.

Influcracy is currently raising $750K via SAFE with a goal of reaching 2.5 million registered influencers in 2023-2024. With investment secured, the team will be able to expand to additional social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, etc. (now only on Instagram), add media-amplification and digital contract management tools, and eventually transform the product into a fully self-serve, programmatic solution.

To learn more about Influcracy, visit


About the International Accelerator

Founded in 2014 by Angelos Angelou, the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas works exclusively with foreign-born founders, creators, and entrepreneurs to help them launch their companies in the United States. Our 12-month program offers foreign-born entrepreneurs the opportunity to live, work and develop their concept in the United States. International Accelerator, since inception, has helped entrepreneurs from over 13 countries raise an estimated $143M, with a total portfolio valuation of $530M.

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