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Strap Tech's First Official Demo Day A Major Success

An exciting year is coming up for Strap Tech, that just announced a successful demo day and an additional $350K investment at a $7 million valuation.

Strap Technologies, an exciting startup from Guadalajara, Mexico that has been accepted into our program in 2019, is revolutionizing the way blind people explore the world and has been recognized as one of the most innovative startups in Mexico, in addition to representing the country and holding places in presidiums at entrepreneurship events in the United States and China.

Strap is a is a wearable device that is placed at the chest level with sensors that, through vibrations, tell the user what movement is recommended that he or she perform.

The Strap Tech team had been constantly testing the device for the past year, and released their first official demo day event on December 22. In order to reduce biases, the team invited totally blind individuals who never heard about Strap to an obstacle court that included scenarios where the blind was in danger of being injured or cases where the cane didn't provide protection. The individuals were of all ages, from a 13-year-old girl to a 74- year-old blind attorney.

Diego Roel, Founder & CEO of Strap Tech claims the visually impaired participants learned to use the device very quickly (around 3 minutes of learning) and completed the obstacle court 200% quicker than they did when using the cane, and with a 0% collision rate, taking full advantage of Strap's precise obstacle detection algorithms.

Watch the Demo Day Event at the link below:

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