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Travelory Joins International Accelerator

Updated: Mar 25

We are excited to welcome Travelory into our program.


We all love to travel - exploring new places, savoring local delicacies, and immersing ourselves in different cultures. Unfortunately, only a few of us manage to maintain a detailed record of our travel experiences, such as a log of places we visited and time spent on each location, and those wonderful memories fade away over time.

Travelory is an app that addresses this problem faced by many travelers - the difficulty of remembering, maintaining and organizing memories from their trips. Travelory takes all the hassle out of recording your journeys and ensures that your precious memories are captured, organized, and presented in a beautiful story format.

Watch: How It Works

Seamless Integration

Travelory effortlessly integrates with your travel itinerary. Whether you're exploring bustling cities or serene landscapes, the app works discreetly in the background, capturing every noteworthy moment without interrupting your adventure.

By automatically logging essential travel details, such as visited tourist attractions and dining experiences or photos taken at specific locations, Travelory eliminates the need for manual data entry. When the trip is marked as complete, the app intuitively generates a trip timeline, which can be fully edited before getting published. Whether it's capturing memorable moments or recording personalized itineraries, users can seamlessly manage and decide what they want to log on their trip timeline.

Travelory also encourages social interaction among travelers by allowing them to share their travel stories with others around the world. Users can explore trips based on various criteria such as location, trip type, dietary preferences, age group, nationality, and gender. Social media sharing and video integration is in the company’s immediate plans.

Our team is excited to welcome Founder and CEO Arpit Gattani and Co-Founder and CTO Sachin Kumar to Austin, and to support their fundraising efforts and US expansion. Beta version of the app is available on Google Play and Apple Store, with over 5,000 downloads to date.


About the International Accelerator

Founded in 2014 by Angelos Angelou, the International Accelerator in Austin, Texas works exclusively with foreign-born founders, creators, and entrepreneurs to help them launch their companies in the United States. Our 12-month program offers foreign-born entrepreneurs the opportunity to live, work and develop their concept in the United States. International Accelerator, since inception, has helped entrepreneurs from over 13 countries raise an estimated $143M, with a total portfolio valuation of $530M.

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