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Influcracy Launch Party at the International House by IA

At Influcracy’s Launch Party on Sunday, March 12th, co-founders Vinay Sawant and Dhruv Pawar presented their latest tool, LI by Influcracy, to a captivated audience.

The co-founders spoke about Influcracy's mission to simplify influencer marketing by connecting brands with influencers, and they highlighted the challenges that many brands face when it comes to finding the right influencers for their campaigns and the time and resources required to do so.

Influcracy's platform and its suite of tools ensures brands get the best value for their marketing campaigns, with dynamic pricing, smart matching and analytics. The platform boasts over 92,000 registered influencers, a community of engaged content creators of all niches.

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of Influcracy's latest tool, LI by Influcracy. This API-integrated app enables LinkedIn members to earn money by engaging with posts through comments and likes. LI by Influcracy aims to transform the influencer marketing industry by allowing everyone to become a LinkedIn influencer. After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and test the new product live on their phones.

Whether you're a brand looking to boost your marketing campaigns or a LinkedIn member looking to earn money through comments and likes visit Influcracy’s website to learn more about its suite of tools at

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