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International Accelerator Pitch Competition Winners: Gudwork, Scraps Audio

The International Accelerator had the pleasure of hosting an International Pitch Competition on Monday, March 14, 2023 where 15 international startups from around the globe presented their innovative ideas. Two cash prizes were up for grabs: $1000 for the Judges' Award and $500 for the Audience Vote.

We're happy to announce the Judges' Award winner, Gudwork, a remarkable women-led startup that offers a hiring marketplace for Gen Z talent. Gudwork's platform enables young and emerging professionals to showcase their skills and experience through online portfolios, facilitating a transparent and straightforward hiring process for employers looking to tap into the pool of Gen Z talent.

The Audience Vote winner was Scraps, a platform that enables music artists to monetize their throwaway project files (according to Scraps, artists trash thousands of high-quality music project files every year). New artists looking for inspiration can work with the original project files to create remixes, ultimately buy the publishing rights, and release a song under their own name.

We extend our congratulations to both Gudwork and Scraps for their well-deserved wins. We're also grateful to all the startups that participated and made the competition such an exciting and memorable experience. Thank you for joining us, making this a truly international event! 🌎

Backstage (India)

Camionix (Mexico)

Coba (Mexico)

HoverCity (Lebanon)

KnowRX (US)

SC Vaults (Singapore)

SmartBusiness (Romania)

SounZone (Italy)

Veba (US)

Velera (India)

Visual Note (Italy)

Vloggi (Australia)


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