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Three New Startups Join Our Program

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

We are excited to welcome three new startups into our program, coming from Mexico, India and Colombia.

MAerospace: MAerospace RTC offers affordable 3D Metal Printing services, and 3D Metal Printers. MAerospace is able to print large parts (2x2 meters long) and combine materials like Aluminum, Inconel, Titanium & Stainless Steel.

Danssup: Danssup helps everyone involved in the dance community connect, learn, earn, and showcase their skills. Professional dancers can create dance portfolios to attract business. Dance teachers can upload and monetize dance tutorials. Learners can easily access favorite trainers globally using the app, while simple users enjoy unlimited dance videos.

Maia Health: MAIA Health is a platform created by physicians, to connect cancer patients with clinical decision aid systems while offering automation and data aggregation features. Designed for cancer patients (chronic disease management) MAIA already works to the benefit of patients, providers and hospitals by keeping them connected with the right information, at the right time.

The IA team and network is looking forward to welcoming the new startups and their founders in the United States!

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