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Watch: International Accelerator Investor Pitch #3 - June 15, 2023

Missed one of our live Investor Pitches?

You can now watch a replay on our YouTube Channel!

Selected International Accelerator portfolio companies had the opportunity to pitch their ideas and meet virtually with active investors in our recent #InvestorPitch event. Each startup was given 15 minutes to present their pitch and answer audience questions, gaining valuable market feedback.


Investor Pitch #3 - June 15, 2023

  • LetUsNudge: Let us Nudge is an innovative technology solution that enhances table seating efficiency in restaurants. Through secure and seamless nudges, we help restaurants maximize table turnover during busy periods and fill tables during slower times.

  • MAerospace RTC: Next-gen metal 3D printing startup, with the ability to print large parts (2x2 meters long) and combine materials. Offers contract manufacturing and also builds and sells its proprietary printers.

  • Powertechs: Powertechs' platform transforms hiring in the Green Energy sector by offering competency profile creation, simulator-based assessments, and accurate skills rankings.



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