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IA helps non-US entrepreneurs access the U.S. markets and funding.

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SxSW International Startups

These International Startups Want to Rock SxSW 2016

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We teach international entrepreneurs how to obtain U.S. visas, raise capital, and grow in the U.S. markets


Our accelerator program is designed to help non-US founders to raise fund and expand their startup in the US. Learn more about our hands-on approach to help you with everything you need.

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Did you know Twitter launched at SXSW in Austin? Austin is one of the best US cities to run your tech startup. With around 1 billion USD venture capital per year, Austin provides easy access to capital despite its relatively low cost of living & labour.

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Meet the team of experienced entrepreneurs with successful exits, angels, country advisors & startup mentors from all over the world. We know your pain as we were in your position. Now. we're here to help you.

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